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How do make your own perfume at home?

In the Middle East ladies know the art of making their own perfume at home. They use their personal perfume to make the ordinary day, scent most beautiful.


Turkey | Country Profile | Boundaries

The lands of Turkey are located at a point where the three continents making up the old world. Asia, Africa and Europe are closest to each other, and straddle the point where Europe and Asia meet.


Ephesus Tour

We invite you to have unforgettable Ephesus tour with us. Greek Theater, The Marble Road, the Celsus Library, and the Temple of Diana are just a few of the things that we will be seeing here.


Cappadocia Tour – Places To Visit In Cappadocia

Cappadocia is the general name for the area of Urgup, Goreme and Avanos, towns near Nevsehir in central Turkey, four hours south of Ankara. The area of Cappadocia reveals present-time villages dispersed among conical land forms, corroded ravines and fairy chimneys.


Aphrodisias Tour

We will see a stadium that seated 30,000 spectators of fighting wild animals and gladiators, a smaller 10,000-person theater for a select audience to be entertained by music, plays and poetry readings.


Istanbul Tours – Places To Visit In Istanbul

Once called Byzantium in the 7th century B.C., then Constantinople in 326 AD, this sparkling metropolis was named Istanbul in 1453 by Mehmet II and reigned as Turkey’s capitol until 1923. With a population of almost 9 million people, Istanbul is Turkey’s and Europe’s largest city.


The Pearl Of Karabakh – Shusha City

Shusha has immence historical, cultural and spiritual importance to the Azeris. Being home to many Azeri intellectuals, poets, writers and especially, musicians, Shusha is considered the cradle of contemporary Azeri culture and music.