Aphrodisias Tour

Named for the goddess of love, Aphrodisias was an ancient Roman city of artists and sculptors. Although still flourishing during the Byzantine period, it was buried by a series of earthquakes and finally abandoned after Arab attacks in 700 AD. Fortunately, excavations began in the 1960s and they revealed a magnificent city of many well preserved ruins surrounded by a three-mile-long wall.
We will see the Temple of Aphrodite, and the Baths of Hadrian. With imagination you will recapture the grace of the life enjoyed by citizens of a city 2,000 years ago as they went about their business and pleasures. The nearby museum contains various statues of Aphrodite and sculptured portraits of emperors and empresses.

We will see a stadium that seated 30,000 spectators of fighting wild animals and gladiators. A smaller 10,000-person theater for a select audience to be entertained by music, plays and poetry readings.

Aphrodisias Photos

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