Continuing To Deplete My Retirement Account

Some of you will retire rich. I will retired happy. That is until I can’t pay my bills. So when we get older let me tell you great stories of my travels around the globe. You will enjoy them so much that you will be happy to pay my rent. So I am back in Prague. This time with my dad. Having a good time. He’s currently taking a nap. What a great time to be a geek and get on the internet to share with you. So if you want to see pictures go to We have been here for 3 days. We flew from Phoenix to Newark to Frankfurt to Prague. Lufthansa lost my gate checked luggage. Thankfully I got it back about 6 hours later. Much cursing took place but at least I didn’t have to walk around the hotel lobby in a towel or shop for new clothing. Prague rules! One of the best cities in Europe. If your first trip to Europe doesn’t include a trip to Prague, you suck! Must like Paris but much cleaner and equally as nice. Also more affordable. Generally the people are friendlier although I have next had problems in Paris, contrary to American folkore.

Best thing I did in Prague this trip was go to a place called the Beerclub. You pour your own beer on a metered tap. You also compete with the tables around you. The score is shown on large screens throughout the bar. When you reach another liter the score is updated. Yes it encourages over consumption but who cares. I am on vacation and not driving anywhere.

Tomorrow we head to Weimar. Be sure to eat at Bohemia Bagel for 24 hour breakfast and other good meals. Half and Half is good for cheap bakery goods and sandwiches. Mama Lucy was good. The Cantina Rules! Best Mexican food in town.

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