Do We Need a Financial Planner?

There are many assets to planning for your financial future. Some people think that because it relates to finances a financial planner can do it all. While we highly recommend using an experienced financial planner, it is also important to note that you also need competent legal advise. Everyone has heard of getting a Will, but just as the financial planner can improve your investments, an experienced legal estate planner can do much more than divide up what’s left to your heirs. It’s about protecting your assets so there’s more to divide up. There are numerous benefits not only after death but before as well.

One important tool for protecting assets is called a Trust. There are many different kinds of trusts, but the most common is a Living Trust. To learn more about trusts view our page titled What is a Living Trust . It gives some basics as to the value of a Living Trust. To assist you further, we have created a special video that explains the value of a Living trust in great detail. See our video page for more information about it.

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