How do make your own perfume at home?

In the Middle East ladies know the art of making their own perfume at home. They use their personal perfume to make the ordinary day, scent most beautiful. They use it in their bath, as perfume, in aerosol spray for spraying in rooms or on their face and body, in small muslin bags with herbs in it which they place between clothes, as fragrance burners and so on. Ladies in some families may have a secret perfume that has been kept with them through many generations.

The history of perfume industry began in Egypt.  All our essential oils come from Egypt.  Only high quality and 100% pure.

How to make perfume?

Making your own perfume is like creating a Masterpiece. Take your time and be careful when blending the perfume you wish to have as your personal one. There are few simple rules that you should keep in mind. Simple yet important. We recommend that you print this page out for future reference when making your perfume.

Essential oils are divided into Top, Middle and Base notes. Here we have a table dividing the same into above categories.

CinnamonBlack PepperBlack Pepper
FrankincenseClary SageClary Sage
Rose OttoGeraniumJuniper
Rose WoodGingerLavender
VanillaJuniperLemon grass
NeroliTea Tree
Orange Blossom
Rose Absolute
Ylang Ylang

As you can see there are some oils placed in more than one column. That is because of opinions differ. So it is up to you to decide what your feeling are about each of the oils.

When you start blending your perfume you need a small ceramic bowl and a toothpick. Few sorts of oils where you take care of having one from every Base, Middle and Top. Beginning with 6-10 sorts is quiet enough. You should make very small amounts at first when you dont know how it will be and be very careful to write everything down.

A good oil consists of every three notes. The combination between notes could be 3:2:1 (top:middle:base) but doesn’t necessarily have to be that. The experience you gather with time will tell you how you like to have your blend. It is also important to remember that no perfume scents the same on two persons. Perfume becomes individual on every and each. But of course you can often recognize the scent even though it may be slightly different when someone else is using it.

How to make perfume at home

You start with Base note and then you add the Middle and Top. Just add one drop at a time and stir. Take good time to scent what it is you like. You should try make your environment peaceful and quiet when blending. It takes great deal of concentration and should not be a hasty work.

You can blend your oil with Baseoil such as Almondoil or use Alcohol in the blend. When using alcohol you should follow the combination below;

Perfume 18-25 Essential oil:Fixative(Alcohol)

Eau De Perfume 12-18 Essential oil:Fixative(Alcohol)

Eau De Toilette 5-12 Essential oil:Fixative(Alcohol)

Eau De Cologne 2-5 Essential oil:Fixative(Alcohol)

Once you are satisfied with the perfume you make you should do a bigger solution and pour it into colored perfume bottle or in a bottle placed in a dark place.

Making your own perfume

Remember to take your time!!! After having done one blend or more wait few days to see if you are really happy with it before you go ahead and make a bigger solution. It can depend on the mood you are in whether you feel this scent you made today is as nice to you tomorrow.

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