How to make a video call on whatsapp web?

The era of voice calls has begun in WhatsApp Web. Promotional messages about WhatsApp, the world’s most preferred communication platform, started to be sent. So, how to make a voice call on WhatsApp Web? Here we researched the answer to this question for you.

Voice and video calling feature has finally arrived on WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp, which has more than 2 billion users, went for a new update due to the coronavirus outbreak.

How to make a video call on whatsapp web?

If you want to make voice and video calls from WhatsApp, you must first download the desktop version of this application. After you turn on the WhatsApp Web feature on your computer, you will see the QR code. After you have scanned this QR code and opened your account, you can make voice and video calls to your meetings or conversations with the desktop version of WhatsApp. Of course, it should not be forgotten that in order to benefit from this feature, your computer must have a microphone and camera.

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