Is Domain Age In SEO an important Google Ranking Factor?

Google values ​​older sites more than new sites. In other words, the history and age of the domain you use in Google rankings in search engine optimizations are important. To illustrate this, a domain that was registered in ancient times has more prestige than a newly registered domain. Of course, it should not be forgotten that the thought that I should buy a big domain and make it at the top of the words I want is absolutely wrong. Older domains do not affect the ranking on their own, but with an original project, rich content and backlinks from quality sites, it allows you to rank higher than a new site.

In some highly competitive words, it is almost imaginary for a newly opened site to rank at the top of Google and other search engines. Because when we look at the history of the competing sites, it is understood that they are deep-rooted and that their ranking is very difficult to change. In order to rank high in competitive words and surpass established sites, you should definitely use an older domain and spend a lot of time on your site’s SEO and content. On the contrary, a big domain that you use in low-competition words and the quality backlinks you provide to your site allow your site to rank in Google in a short time.

Domain Age Importance!

We talked about the positive effect of domain age on SEO, and we should also mention that domain registration times have a positive effect on SEO. Think of it like this; You have a new project and you have registered your domain for 1 year, so you leased it, this is normally covered by Google. Because many domains are rented for 1 year and some of them are deleted without projecting. However, if you register the domain you will rent for 3-5 years or longer, it is understood that you are preparing a forward-looking project by Google and when a site is established in that domain, it will definitely attract Google’s attention, which can have a positive effect in terms of SEO.

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