Using Topo maps while Four Wheeling

We all know I love gadgets. So my latest focus is on GPS Tracking and guidance using my iPhone/iPad with topo map software. Here’s a thread I have created on I will put more detailed information here as time permits.

If you want to see the iPad mount I installed see this post.

Goals: Explain how to use this stuff and the best ways to share tracks and waypoints with other non-members. The great thing about GPS/KML files is they are pretty generic and can be used in a wide variety of applications. All have different methods of importing and exporting. GAIA, for example, has you email a GPX file with the reply email including a file useable in GAIA. upload[at] is the address.

What I Use iPad/iPhone:

GAIA GPS – IMHO The best tool for offline maps and tracks
MotionX GPS – Great backup. I use this on my iPhone because my iPad doesn’t have the built in GPS and MotionX does not support external GPS pucks like the Dual GPS
My iPad and iPhone are mounted to the dash with RAM Mounts. [url=]See this thread[/url]

Didn’t Like:
MyTopo by Trimble. I just find the application is harder to use than GAIA.

What I Use on my Mac/PC:
GAIA Cloud Site –
This allows you to view your tracks, download GPX files, delete and choose which files sync between devices.

ADZE Lite (Mac) –
ADZE Lite for the Mac allows you to view the GPX files on your computer. This shows more details than the basic information on the cloud web site. There are other tools available and I will edit this as I learn more.

To Annotate Images I take a screen capture with Skitch and add notes. Nice thing about this is if you have an [url=]Evernote[/url] account you can share the images via a free web page. – is a great online tool for view and convert different types of GPX/KML tracks. If someone sends you a GPX file or you download one you can go to this web site for free and view it. Just upload the file. Tons of free tools to use.

Google Earth –
Fun to replay tracks created from FJ runs.

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